Jewelers Row


Right in the heart of historic Philadelphia. One block from Independence Hall and our country’s founding, you will find the finest jewelry shopping anywhere. Marchi-The Culture of Jewelry is located on the edge of Philadelphia’s Jewelers Row in the historic Washington Square neighborhood, at 737 Walnut Street. The gallery specializes in fine American Craft jewelry made in pure metals with precious and semi precious stones from some of the best known jewelry artisans in the country, as well as a tradional classic fine jewelry. The shop also does special order and restoration work.

“After nearly 35 years of working in the industry, the one thing that struck me was that everyone seemed to be trying to make the same, better or cheaper versions of items everyone else already had. If it wasn’t something everybody wanted, then it wasnπt something you wanted to have. And of course it had to be cheaper. As in all industries, this competition leads to lower prices. It also leads to exaggerations, corners being cut and in some cases outright lies. This is not meant as an indictment of the industry but rather a normal result of free market capitalism at its best and worst.”

“The last thing Philadelphia needed was another store selling mass produced, cheaply made jewelry. I found that some of the most talented jewelry artists in the world of American craft had no representation in Philadelphia. I believed that people would see the value and beauty in the incredible workmanship and original design in the modern classics that I have assembled.”